Odisha Parba

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Every culture is celebrated with grandeur in its home state. However, having a large-scale mega event promoting and presenting a culture not only in India but in the whole world was not a familiar scenario in India until Odia Samaj’s visionary event of Odisha Parba, which was organized for the first time in 2017 in the heart of Delhi at India Gate. 

Odisha Parba was executed by the Odia Samaj team after months of intricate planning and brainstorming. The festival (Parba in Odia) has grown in its grandeur and participation year after year, reaching out to the world as a global virtual event during the pandemic times. 

  • From 2017-2019,  the three-day mega event saw a footfall of nearly 8-10 lakh people each year. During this time it was held in Delhi and Surat ( in 2018). The festival went global in 2021 when it was celebrated virtually with lakhs of people, both Odia and Non-Odia joining the online mega event. The virtual international event saw participation by the Odia community from across the various continents. Odia diaspora from Oman, UAE, UK, USA, Moscow, Australia, Tanzania etc. have come forward with great enthusiasm to participate in the event and add to its richness. 
  • The decoration and set-up of the grand Parba are as large as one could imagine. With a 100 ft stage and 40 ft backdrop, state-of-the-art projections and lighting, cultural themes and much more, the event brings out the spirit of Odisha in the most artistic and authentic manner.
  • More than two hundred stalls for handicrafts, food and culture of Odisha were set up to promote Odisha’s cottage industry. 
  • Performances by award-winning artists of Odisha enthralled and entertained the audience no end

    Musical performances by classic Ollywood singers such as Pankaj Jal, Suresh Wadkar, Tansen Singh, Jitendra Haripal, etc.

–    Musical performances by contemporary Ollywood singers such as Krishna Beura, Sohini Mishra, Aseema Panda, Satyajit Pradhan, etc. 

    Traditional dance performances by Padma Vibhushan Dr Sonal Mansingh, Padma Shri Aruna Mohanty, Prince Dance Group, among various others. 

    Tribal and folk performances reflecting Odisha’s vast diversity, expansive heritage and vibrant culture.

    Showcasing Paika rebellion, the historical valour of our Odia ancestors that people in India and especially the youth are not familiar with.

Odisha Parba has become a festival of joy. It is like a warm embrace to the people of our community and everyone beyond it, who need to know and must know about our state’s hidden gems. Odisha Parba not only showcases the best of Odia culture but it has been a source of great pride to the Odia people, who have always joined hands to celebrate their identity and heritage with unmatched enthusiasm and joy. In short, this has been the greatest achievement of Odisha Parba.

Odisha Parba Held in Different Years :