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Welcome To Odia Samaj

Odia Samaj is a leading non-profit, socio-cultural organisation in India, actively promoting Odia culture, heritage, art and much more. It has given the Odia diaspora worldwide, a platform to come together and connect to their common roots, cherish their identity and take pride in the glory of Odisha’s past, present and future.


Odia Samaj is a spectacular vision that aims to celebrate the enriched Odia community while promoting and popularising its rich heritage on the global platform. Established on 27th February 2017 as a non-profit organisation, Odia Samaj has been relentlessly working to create a platform for Odias to stay connected to each other and to their culture and heritage.

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covide care

Covid Care

In a nobel effort to combat the Covid-19 Odia Samaj brings to you Covidcare, an initiative to connect doctors and patients.

odisha parba

Odisha Parba

The grand festivity of mega ‘Odisha Parba’ was celebrated in a spectacular and unique manner, with lots of enthusiasm.



On the occasion Odia Samaj organised a webinar titled 'Financial Packages and Opportunities for MSME in Odisha.11

Social Activities

Social Activities

Odia Samaj , New Delhi helped by distributing more than 10,000 food packets to the distressed Odias of Delhi -NCR.

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Moving With


There's no greater virtue than helping others. Therefore, kindness is one of the main mantras of Odia Samaj.


Odia Samaj is dedicated to creating the biggest Odia community in the world bringing people closer to their roots of exceptional culture & values.


Being a non-profit organisation, our aim is to help people in need. Contribution from our members goes a long way in helping the lives of the underprivileged.


Nurturing helps a community grow as a whole. Odia Samaj actively nurtures the talent, skill, art, etc. of Odias around the world.

Latest Blogs

Father’s Day, marked on the third Sunday of June, stands as a beacon of appreciation for the remarkable men who enrich our lives as fathers and father figures.

ବୈଶାଖର ନିଦାଘ ଖରାରେ ତାତି ଉଠେ ଧରଣୀ। ମନୁଷ୍ୟ, ପ୍ରାଣୀ ଓ ଉଦ୍ଭିଦ ପରି ସକଳ ଜଗତ ଖୋଜନ୍ତି ଶୀତଳ ଜଳ, ଶୀତଳ ଛାୟା ଓ ଶୀତଳ ଉପଚାର।  ସେହିପରି ଆମ ଯାତରସିଆ ମହାବାହୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ଦାରୁଣ ଉତ୍ତାପରୁ ରକ୍ଷା ପାଇଁ ଶ୍ରୀଅଙ୍ଗକୁ ଶୀତଳ କରିବାର ଉଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ୟ ନେଇ ଚନ୍ଦନ ଯାତ୍ରା ନାମରେ ମାନବୀୟ ଲୀଳା ଖେଳନ୍ତି ।

India's artistic heritage is a vibrant mosaic, each region adding its unique touch to the nation's cultural tapestry.

ଓଡ଼ିଶା ମାଟିରେ ଅନେକ ପ୍ରକାର ଚାରୁଶିଳ୍ପକଳା କେଉଁ ଆବହମାନ କାଳରୁ ଜୀବନ ଜୀବିକା ସହ ତାଳ ମିଳାଇ ବିଶ୍ବ ବଜାରରେ ଉତ୍କଳୀୟ କଳା ନୈପୁଣ୍ୟତାକୁ ବଜାୟ ରଖିଛି।

Our mother is our greatest strength, and our biggest pride. She is our greatest source of happiness, teaching us the value of sacrifice and hard work and making us grow as strong beings.

ଅକ୍ଷୟ ତୃତୀୟା ବା ଅକ୍ଷି ତୃତୀୟା। ଚଷା ପୁଅର ପର୍ବ। କୃଷି ପ୍ରଧାନ ରାଜ୍ୟ ଆମ ଓଡ଼ିଶାରେ ବୈଶାଖ ମାସ ଶୁକ୍ଳ ପକ୍ଷ ତୃତୀୟା ଦିନଟି ପାଇଁ ଥାଏ ଅନେକ ପ୍ରତୀକ୍ଷା। ଗାଁର କୃଷକଟିଏ କୃଷିକର୍ମର ଅୟମାରମ୍ଭ କରିଥାଏ ଏହି ଦିନ। ଅକ୍ଷୟ ତୃତୀୟାର ଶୁଭ ବେଳାରେ ଅଖି ମୁଠା ବୁଣି ଚାଷ କାମ ଆରମ୍ଭ କଲେ ଭଲ ଫସଲ ଏବଂ ଅନ୍ୟ ଯେକୌଣସି କାର୍ଯ୍ୟକୁ ଅନୁକୂଳ କଲେ ଶୁଭ  ହୁଏ ବୋଲି ବିଶ୍ବାସ ରହିଛି। 

Finding time for ourselves and indulging in our favorite hobbies is essential for our well-being. Whether it's cooking, singing, or binge-watching our favorite shows on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, these activities allow us to relax, unwind, and recharge.

ଲୋକସଂସ୍କୃତି ଓ ଲୋକକଳାର ଗନ୍ତାଘର ହେଉଛି ଗଞ୍ଜାମ ଜିଲ୍ଲା । ଏଠାରେ କେଉଁ ଆବାହନକାଳରୁ ଦଣ୍ଡନାଟ ତଥା ଦଣ୍ଡଯାତ୍ରା ପ୍ରଚଳିତ ହୋଇ ଆସୁଛି। ଏହି ଦଣ୍ଡଯାତ୍ରା ଗଞ୍ଜାମରେ ଏକ ଲୋକପର୍ବ ଭାବେ ପାଳନ ହୋଇଆସେ। ଚୈତ୍ର ମାସରେ ଜିଲ୍ଲାର ପ୍ରତି ଗାଁ ଗହଳିରେ ଏହା ଆରମ୍ଭ ହୋଇଥାଏ, ଯେଉଁଥିରେ ଥାଏ ଈଶ୍ବର ଭକ୍ତି ସହ ଲୋକକଳାର…

Entrepreneurship is a gift not many possess. Being a successful entrepreneur requires vision, planning, and foresight. It also needs an unbreakable determination to build an empire that would carry your legacy forward. India has given several pioneers to the world…

ଆଜିକୁ ଠିକ୍ ୮୮ ବର୍ଷ ପୂର୍ବେ ୧୯୩୬ ମସିହାରେ ଭାଷାଭିତ୍ତିକ ପ୍ରଥମ ଭାରତୀୟ ରାଜ୍ୟ ଭାବେ ଓଡ଼ିଶାର ଆବିର୍ଭାବ ହୋଇଥିଲା, ଯାହା ଓଡ଼ିଶା ଇତିହାସର ସବୁଠାରୁ ସ୍ମରଣୀୟ ଘଟଣା । କାରଣ ଭାଷା ହିଁ ଏକ ଜାତିର ପରିଚୟ । ଏହି ମର୍ମକୁ ବୁଝି ଉନବିଂଶ ଶତାବ୍ଦୀରେ ଆଗେଇ ଆସିଥିଲେ କେତେ ଜଣ ଶିକ୍ଷିତ ଯୁବଗୋଷ୍ଠୀ…