Odisha is the divine land of Lord Jagannath. A land blessed with rich culture, myriad colours, folklore, music, heritage and nature’s bounties. 

Odia Samaj is a spectacular vision that aims to celebrate the enriched Odia community while promoting and popularising its rich heritage on the global platform.

Established on 27th February 2017 as a non-profit organisation, Odia Samaj has been relentlessly working to create a platform for Odias to stay connected to each other and to their culture and heritage. 

Apart from the traditions and customs of Odisha, Odia Samaj acts as a think tank and devotes a significant portion of its activities to positively influencing public policy, identifying issues, evaluating ideas, and helping the society at large. Fostering the spirit of unity and oneness in the Odia community, Odia Samaj also gives precedence to acts of philanthropy for uplifting its brotherhood in need and contributing to the overall welfare of the community in any way possible.

Key aspects of Odisha, including tourism, culinary wonders, music & art, ecosystem and much more, are focus points of Odia Samaj’s regular communication through social media, website and other digital platforms.