Bhajan is a Sanskrit word meaning “singing to glorify God.” It is also the name of a Hindu genre of devotional songs and hymns. Bhajans are typically lyrical and convey love and devotion for the Divine. Bhajans can be sung in groups or rendered alone as they soothe your mind and provide solace to your soul. Bhajans have vigorous melodies and repeating choruses that are easy to sing. Bhajans tend to appeal to the masses and form an important component of life in Odisha.

Odia Samaj brings to you some of the popular bhajans:


Song: Jagannath Bhajans 

Singer: Namita Agrawal

Song: Jagannath Prema Niara

Singer: Aseema Panda


Song: Se Gauda Pua Taku Lahuni Dia

Singer: Sri Charana