Odisha’s Kandhamal

How can we define the beauty of Mother Nature most perfectly? Well… it cannot be explained in mere words! To witness nature in its most beautiful form, you need to step out of your comfort zone and travel far and wide.  

Odisha has many exotic places that actually justify the tagline of Odisha Tourism: ‘India’s best kept secret’! One such destination is Kandhamal. It is situated amidst a thick cover of greenery, emanating sheer peace and tranquility!  

Created in 1994, after Phulbani was divided, Kandhamal is well known for its famous ‘Kandhamal Haldi’, which is known to possess great healing properties.  

Just Flow With the Waterfalls at Putudi

When you experience the cool and caressing breeze with a background sound of gushing waterfall, it will surely have a very calming effect on you.  It’s a heavenly experience.  

For many of us, witnessing the picturesque beauty of waterfalls with our loved ones beside us is like a fantasy come true. The enchanting Putudi waterfall in Kandhamal is one such site. It is located approx. 8 kms from Phulbani. Once you reach there, you will find yourself surrounded with beautiful hillocks, enchanting greenery and tranquility with the magnificent river Salunki falling from a height of 60 ft.

Plan and keep your weekends free and have a beautiful outing with your family to Putudi. Click a few memorable selfies with the panoramic view in the background! And yes do remember to flaunt your exclusive pics on the social media!  

Best Time to Visit: Winters, between October-February  

Experience Happiness at Kotgarh

Where there is forest and wilderness, there is peace but there is also the excitement of adventure. Our travels become more memorable when both these elements get fulfilled. Wildlife sanctuaries are the perfect travel destinations where you can find both adventure and tranquility.  

Many travelers are quite passionate about wildlife reserves and national parks and are keen to learn in depth about a variety of flora and fauna. For such people, Kandhamal offers the pristine ‘Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary’.  

It is home to a rich fauna, with Chousingha or four-horned antelope being the main attraction in the sanctuary. Besides, you can spot a variety of animals during a safari ride, such as Elephants,Tigers, Antelopes, Nilgai, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Peafowl, Sloth Bear, Pangolin, Porcupine, Mongoose and hordes of reptile species.  

Like its fauna, the Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is also blessed with a wide range of commercial and medicinal plant species. Kusum, Harida, Bahada, Tamarind, Jackfruit, Randhan, Kangada, Amla etc. can be found there.  

Best Time to Visit: From October- April  

Breathe Peace At Daringbadi  

We all usually crave some respite from the daily humdrum of life, don’t we? Our mind and body keep yearning for the much needed respite which help to refresh our mind and soul.  

One such tourist place in Kandhamal is Daringbadi, whose beauty and charm relaxes one’s mind and body and fills oneself with euphoria!  

While there is Kashmir in India, Odisha has its very own Daringbadi. Situated at a height of 3000 ft., the place is a snow paradise. It is every tourist’s delight and is dotted with coffee gardens, pine gardens, black pepper gardens and even turmeric gardens. Beautiful landscapes with streamlined waterfalls falling off the cliffs are a wonder to witness. It’s an amazing site for trekkers, you can spot a variety of birds too! 

For a higher dose of adventure, opt for Nature Camps to halt for a night or two! The scenery is at its best play, giving you a beautiful glimpse of the hillside, clear skies, waterfalls etc. The tribal culture of Daringbadi is also quite mesmerizing!  

Best Time to Visit: Being the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’, you know what the best time is to visit here! Right?

Spend Some Quite Time at Belghar

With scenic beauty at its finest, an earthly fragrance along with a fresh breeze of air in Belghar is a therapy for all tired minds. It is also home to gentle giants i.e the elephants, that walk on its pristine lands. If the beauty of wildlife charms you, a visit to Belghar is worth it! Situated at 2555 ft. above sea level, and 139 km from Phulbani, it’s a package of amazing travels and memorable times.  

Staying for a day or two in Belghar acts as a catalyst and invigorates you with positive thoughts! Daringbadi-Belghar tourist camp gives you a package full of good food, a comfortable stay and security. You get a clear view of a many hill stations.  

Another important site to visit is the Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary. It covers an area of about 16, 174, 46 acres and is home to a variety of flora and fauna, with elephants being its main attraction. A huge variety of medicinal and commercial plants can also be found here!

Best Time to Visit: You can plan a trip to Belghar sometime between October to April    

Flutter With Happiness at Butterfly Park  

The Butterfly Park in Daringbadi is an awesome place to visit. It houses about 20-30 species of butterflies. The site is a treat to the eyes and brings back those childhood memories. For people who love nature photography, the place gives great opportunity to take amazing pictures.  

Best Time to Visit: Plan for a visit during peak winters  

Other Attractions in Kandhamal 

The list does not end here. To sum up, there’s a lot more to explore.   Balaskumpa temple, Chakapad temple, Katramal, and Kalinga are places worth visiting! But rather than giving the details, we would like you to explore these places, and know more about them!  

If you have any other suggestions about some other worth visiting places in Kandhamal, do not forget to drop a comment in the box below.

How can we define the beauty of Mother Nature most perfectly? Well… it cannot be explained in mere words! To witness nature in its most beautiful form, you need to step out of your comfort zone and travel far and wide.