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Foods of Odisha

If you have been to Odisha, you will definitely have savored these delectable dishes. Although these delicacies are simple they are flavorful, wholesome, and easy on the palate. Odia cuisine staples like Pitha, Dahibara Aloodum, Chungudi Malai, Maccha Besara, Chaula bara, and Gaja will be some of the “food stars” at Odisha Parba 2023 between 24th and 26th March 2023.

Handlooms & Handicraft Bazar


Dhokra is one of the most ancient crafts known to man and dates back to the Mohenjo Daro civilization. This metal casting technique is particularly famous in Odisha. At Odisha Parba 2023, you can experience and bring home the intrinsic simplicity and finesse of this much-loved craft from the heartlands of Odisha.
Dhokra jewellery

Silver Filigree

Silver Filigree or Chandi Tarakasi is a centuries-old art of creating intricate and precise designs from fine silver wires. This handicraft is practiced and perfected by the artisans of Cuttack, Odisha. Such is the popularity of this unique craft that patrons from around the world keep these craftsmen busy throughout the year. Use the opportunity to have a closer look at these masterpieces only at Odisha Parba 2023.

Odissi Handloom Saree

A special thing about handloom sarees from Odisha is the vibrant color and texture of the fabrics. When you go to pick up an Odisha handloom saree, you are bound to get awed by the range of exquisite weaves, embroideries, and versatile designs on the saree. Come, feel, and upgrade your wardrobe with  these masterpieces at Odisha Parba 2023.

Pipili Applique

Appliqué is an art, a process of cutting colored clothes into shapes of animals, birds, flowers, leaves, gods, goddesses and other decorative motifs and stitching them on a piece of cloth. The artisans of Pipili, a craft village just outside Bhubaneswar, have been preparing these beautiful applique tapestries for centuries. Come and experience these expressive and artistic handicrafts to give the aesthetics of your home a facelift at Odisha Parba 2023.


Aahe Nila Saila

The historical play ‘Aahe Nilasaila’ of Choklate Productions will be staged for the first time in the national capital- New Delhi during the inaugural evening of Odisha Parba 2023. After its roaring success among viewers in Odisha, the troupe is ready to mesmerize the Delhiwallahs with its emotion-filled drama and captivating story of devotion at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 24th March.

Saswat Joshi

This time in Odisha Parba, the stage is waiting to be graced by the leading Odissi exponent of contemporary times – Saswat Joshi. He will be performing his much-acclaimed act “Chira Namasya Parambramha” on 25th March at the prestigious event. The act will be a beautifully choreographed tribute to the superstar singers of Odisha.

Mantu Chhuria

While we talk about Odisha’s music, we can’t afford to skip the sensational young singer Mantu Chhuria who has become a rage of late. He is gaining tremendous popularity in Odisha for his singles like Sambalpuria Babu, Desi Pila, and Rani Guri. Though he mostly sings in the Sambalpuri language, he is loved and celebrated by every Odia.

Witness the magic of Sambalpuri pop music on 25th March at Odisha Parba.

Ananya Sritam Nanda

One of the major attractions on 26th March at Odisha Parba will be a magical performance by melody queen Ananya Sritam Nanda. She is an accomplished playback singer known across India and beyond and has released many albums under major labels.

Ratikanta Mohapatra

Since 1975, Ratikant Mohapatra has been surrounded by Odissi dance and music almost every minute of his day. A 40-year association with the field of Odissi and the years of training and experience with his father and guru, the late Sri Kelucharan Mohapatra have left their imprint on Ratikant, and today, he has carved an enviable niche for himself as a dancer, percussionist, teacher and choreographer. Come and watch the mesmerizing “Chitra-Vitānam” on 25th March.

Outdoor Activities​

Apart from these headliner performances, this time attendees at Odisha Parba will experience the unique culture and significance of various traditions like Sankha Dhwani, Ranapa, Bonda primitive tribal dance, Oram tribal dance, Animal mask dance, Sahijata & Ghoda Nacha, Martial art & Paika Nacha, Danda Nrutya etc.